Toners are the unsung hero of skincare routines but are often overlooked. Using an appropriate toner for your skin type will help keep your complexion in balance while removing residual makeup, oil, dirt, and anything else your cleanser might have left behind. Toners also prepare skin for moisturizers and treatment creams, allowing these products a clear pathway to do what they do best.

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Toner FAQS

How often should I use a toner? 

You should aim to cleanse, tone and moisturize at least once a day, ideally twice. However, if you have particularly dry or easily irritable skin, then using a facial toner once a day will suffice. 

Always remember to check the label on your toner to make sure that it’s suitable for daily use. 

How do I use a facial toner?

For optimal results, we advise using a toner as part of a wider skincare routine. Toners are typically used alongside a cleanser and then a face serum or moisturizer. 

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How do I choose the right toner for me?

Choosing the right toner will depend on a variety of factors, mainly being your skin type and personal preference. 

Facial cleansers come in different forms; from oil to water-based, and tailor to a variety of skin types too, so it’s important that you take some time to research, and even try a few, before finding your perfect match. 

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