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SkinCeuticals Serum + 15ml FREE of your choice

CHF 68.00CHF 179.00 incl. 7.7% VAT

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(56 customer reviews)
SkinCeuticals Serum + 15ml FREE of your choice
SkinCeuticals Serum + 15ml FREE of your choice CHF 68.00CHF 179.00 incl. 7.7% VAT

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56 reviews for SkinCeuticals Serum + 15ml FREE of your choice

  1. EN

    Katie (verified owner)

    The best vitamin C serum on the market, skin is visibly less red with fewer markers after regular use.

  2. EN

    Dena (verified owner)

    Love the combination.

  3. German

    Martina (verified owner)

    Phyto Corrective und H.A. Intensifier benutze ich momentan. Nach meiner Laserbehandlung benutze ich beide Produkte, um die Haut zu befeuchten. Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis und die Haut fühlt sich angenehm weich an. Werde diese Combi auf jeden Fall nachkaufen.

  4. German

    Rothen Ursula

    Top Produkt und tolle Option

  5. EN

    Szs (verified owner)

    Amazing serum! My skin is glowing, oh soooo clean & bright. I absolutely love it and could not live without.

  6. EN

    Szs (verified owner)

    I have only been using it for a week but my skin is already smoother and plumper. I love the texture and that it doesn’t have a scent. Definitely worth a try!

  7. EN (verified owner)

    Ordered C E Ferulic Acid, as a friend recommended it. I apply every morning. My skin is glowing! It also feels very healthy, looks youthful. Usually I keep the serum in the fridge 🙂
    The only disadvantage: the price ofc, and this serum just smells like hotdog water!! Yet still, it absolutely deserves 5 stars.

  8. EN

    Lauren (verified owner)

    Really happy with the results and helping eliminate/prevent sun spots

  9. EN

    N. Baiker (verified owner)

    Perfect product – nothing else

  10. EN

    Ivana (verified owner)

    J’ai la peau très sensible qui ne supporte pas beaucoup de substances (couperose avancée).
    Le sérum H.A. Intesifier est toléré très bien par ma peau et laisse sentir aucun inconfort. J’utilise ce sérum depuis 2 semaines quotidiennement.

  11. EN

    Sarah Brunner (verified owner)

    Lovely extra, top quality product

  12. EN

    Fabiana Esther Maciel (verified owner)

    Amazing products ,the perfect combination .
    I definitely recommend both products.

  13. EN

    Sarah Brunner (verified owner)

    Awesome combo!!

  14. EN

    Leywin Hii (verified owner)

    Pricey but very effective!

  15. EN

    Wenjia (verified owner)

    Great combination!

  16. EN

    Nati (verified owner)

    The vitamin c serum is the holy grail. You won’t regret!

  17. EN

    Nati (verified owner)

    The c e serum is a life saver! Skin is smooth and soft.

  18. EN

    Nati (verified owner)

    C e ferutical serum is a life saver! Skin is smooth and glowing.

  19. EN

    YULIA (verified owner)

    Blemish and age line is the most efficient products for acne skin. Vitamin c is super good against skin aging and sun damage.

  20. EN

    Carina (verified owner)

    Le duo parfait pour booster la peau! C E ferulic le matin et H.A intensifier le soir!

  21. German

    Gabrielle (verified owner)

    Tolle und wirksame Produkte

  22. EN

    Lucila (verified owner)

    The Phloretin CF serum is amazing as an antioxidant and it also brightens my skin. The phytocorrective serum is perfect after a treatment when my skin is more sensitive

  23. EN

    Cri Nathalie (verified owner)

    Dieses Serum ist fantastisch. Die Haut ist glatt und strahlt. Sehr empfehlenswert

  24. EN

    Ancuta (verified owner)

    The perfect duo to boost the skin, love the combination!

  25. German

    Marianne Staub (verified owner)

    Benutze dieses Produkt seit Jahren. Genial!

  26. EN

    Mirjam Svéd (verified owner)

    Best products on the market.

  27. EN

    EHSK (verified owner)

    Combining Discoloration Defense serum with retinol and/or vitamin C serum will help melasma. Satisfied with the product.

  28. EN


    I really like the combo together and I love the HA serum. The first time I used it my skin was a bit red during the day, but the second day, no problem.

  29. German

    Eli (verified owner)

    Das Blemish & Age trocknet meine Haut aus aber mit dem B5 kombiniert, vertrage ich es sehr gut. Tolle Produkte.

  30. EN

    EHSK (verified owner)

    HA intensifier is good to include in my night routine with retinol.

  31. EN

    EHSK (verified owner)

    A good product. Very satisfied.

  32. EN

    Johanna (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing serum!
    The CE Ferulic had changed my skin to the better and I feel so confident in my own skin now.

  33. EN

    valentina maria jadue silva (verified owner)

    Super good mix ! H.A + CF best

  34. French

    Carina Fernandes (verified owner)

    CE ferulic le matin et H.A intensifier le soir c’est le bonheur d’une peau saine!

  35. EN

    Kimberlynn Martinez (verified owner)

    Love the velvety feel of the HA intensifier. Makes my skin feel very moisturized.

  36. French

    Carina (verified owner)

    La meilleure combinaison CE ferulic le matin et H.A intensifier le soir c’est le bonheur d’une peau saine et éclatant! En été je remplace le CE ferulic pour le Phloretin CF.

  37. EN

    Gonca (verified owner)

    I should`ve ordered sooner, my skin loved it

  38. EN

    Timea Laszlo (verified owner)

    Super product!

  39. EN

    Timea Laszlo (verified owner)

    Tolle serum! Ich werde nexte mal wieder kaufen!

  40. German

    Leo (verified owner)

    Hydrating B5 als kleines extra dazu ist super als Reisegrösse. Auch weil das Serum perfekt beim Reisen ist (keine trockene Haut nach einem langen Flug).

  41. EN

    Sarah Brunner (verified owner)

    great deal!

  42. EN

    Erinda Soraya Curchod (verified owner)

    I love skinceuticals serum, all of them is really good quality and leave a nice result on my skin.

  43. EN

    Kseniia (verified owner)

    Very disappointed that the serum came already oxidized (dark colour). And I know that the producer promises that it doesn’t affect the effectiveness but I would rather prefer to receive fresh product. Unfortunately, I didn’t check BB date on the box before throwing it away.

  44. EN

    Monika (verified owner)

    Tolles Angebot. Die Antiox Seren überzeugen.

  45. EN

    Gonca (verified owner)

    Love it

  46. EN

    Alexandra (verified owner)

    Best products ever, have been using them for years after seeing my mother do the same and the results are amazing.

  47. EN

    Petronia (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and service. Products arrived in excellent condition. Very good prices.

  48. EN

    Christina (verified owner)

    Nice bundle, great value for price

  49. German

    Chriga (verified owner)

    Ich habe dieses Produkt per Zufall gefunden und finde es super

  50. EN

    Marie Meunier (verified owner)

    Super produit, ma peau est plus uniforme et éclatante!

  51. EN

    Andreia (verified owner)

    I am in love with the vitamin C! Asked fro a sample and now purchased the bottle!

  52. EN


    Super Produkt, wirkt richtige Wunder!

  53. EN

    Erinda Soraya Curchod (verified owner)

    I love the hydrating b5 serum, the texture is so light, non sticky and moisturize well my skin.

  54. German

    Ancuta (verified owner)

    I definitely recommend both products.

  55. EN

    Shahriar Sedighi (verified owner)

    One of the best skin brands. I love it.

  56. EN

    Alexander (verified owner)

    Unlike other cosmetic products, I didn’t notice any skin irritation or other side effects, the only thing is a slight yellowing of the skin

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